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UNKNOWN WHITEHOUSE COMIC Need a laugh today? Ok Ok. To fight any trade wars I came up with a new product, that can be made in America. Through our Attorneys we secretly meet with Whitehouse attorneys, pass  the information, and offered the President a 5% Royalty because he has proven to the Unite...
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First blog post
Have You Suffered from a Catastrophic Injury? by cjleclaire
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Why Is Legal Help Vital for Catastrophic Injuries? People who suffer from catastrophic injuries are typically saddled with exorbitant medical costs, lost income and other financial hardships. However, if someone else was at fault for causing your injury, you may have legal grounds to recover comp...
Bronx Hit and Run Accidents Result in Serious Injury and Death by cjleclaire
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Hit and run Accidents Are Common in the Bronx In September of 2018, major media networks reported three fatal hit-and-run accidents in the Bronx: September 3.   A car near the intersection of the Cross Bronx Expressway and Rosedale Avenue in Parkchester hit a 66-year-old man around 2:30 a.m. The ...
Recent Hit and Run Accidents that Occurred in Queens, New York by cjleclaire
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Why Hit and Run Accidents Can Be So Devastating A hit and run accident leaves the injured victim abandoned at the scene of the accident. While any serious car accident is a traumatic experience, being left without anyone to render assistance can make you feel helpless. In many cases, severely inj...
Proving That Your Injury Was Work-Related by cjleclaire
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New York City |   Bronx   | Brooklyn |   Queens   Workers’ Compensation Lawyers In the aftermath of a work-related injury, one of the first things you’ll likely do is file a workers’ compensation claim, seeking benefits for any time period during which your injury prevents you from working. Under...
Employment Ad Discrimination: Where to Draw the Lines by cjleclaire
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Facebook Faces Allegations of Job Ads that Discriminate Against Women When an employer creates an ad that excludes a protected class, grounds often exist for a discrimination lawsuit. For example, when writing most employment ads, it is illegal for employers to exclude applicants based on age or ...
ATTENTION BOARD OF DIRECTORS! Survey of Polish Business owners completed-A must read! by godfather
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Physically went to many Polish business owners to ask them in a Queens neighborhood, where many Polish families have been coming to live for the past decade. The families have been coming from Greenpoint to an area called Middle Village, New York. Renting apartments, and buying homes in the Middl...
The Million Women March on Washington: Another Moment in History by cjleclaire
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Author:US Coachways   Bus Rental   The Million Women March on Washington: Another Moment in History Million Women March Gets the Nation’s Attention Is the Million Women March on Washington going to be another historical moment in U.S. History? It appears that it will be. In 1963, African American...
Hurricane Irma | How Vital Buses Are Before and After Hurricanes by cjleclaire
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Hurricane Irma | How Vital Buses Are Before and After Hurricanes September 6, 2017 Bus Rental ,     Florida Governor Rick Scott issued an executive order declaring a state of emergency in all 67 counties within the State of Florida, due to Hurricane Irma. He also requested that President Trump de...