Holidays in DC (Or New York City Is Dirty)
by jarmatz
 Pistachio Disaster
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I spent my Thanksgiving Holiday in our nation’s capitol, Washington DC, and several of the suburban cities that lie on the edges of its borders, specifically Fairfax, Virginia, and Annapolis Maryland. It was the first time I’ve been outside of New York City since the last time I was in Washington DC, and both of these trips were taken specifically to get out of the city. The first of the two trips, taken in June, was such a physically and emotionally devastating fiasco that it absolutely did not count as “relaxation,” so I was thankful that this trip gave me a chance to cool my metaphorical heels.

It was on this trip that I noticed that Washington DC, a major metropolitan city that has millions of tourists and a sizable poverty problem is extraordinarily clean. I mean, squeaky clean. Completely spotless. I can see my reflection in the sidewalk, and if I dropped a sandwich in the street, I would brush off my mouth instead of the meat that touched the ground. Even historic Annapolis and suburban/southern Fairfax were sparkling when compared to the Big Apple.

This makes me wonder why New York can’t be clean. It’s a much bigger city, but it’s a wealthier city and it could easily afford to spruce itself up from its current decrepit state, but could it ever be clean. The grime and grit of New York City is legendary, and I’d argue that it has become a part of its character. Even if it was cleaned, it would never truly be clean, if you know what I mean.

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