Christine Yearwood, Up-Stand
by Benjamin Fang
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Before and after Christine Yearwood gave birth to her daughter in 2014, she found it difficult to navigate the city, both as a pregnant woman and as a mother of a young child.

“I heard everybody else say the same thing,” she said. “Every parent that I met, people move out of the city, people don’t go places, it’s just really hard. I wanted to change that.”

That’s why she founded Up-Stand, an organization that works to make life more accessible for pregnant women and families. The organization employs a five-pronged approach to achieve this goal: products, consulting, workshops, advocacy and community service.

Yearwood said she has heard the horror stories. Some women quit their jobs because their commute is too difficult. For those who return to work, many have a hard time breastfeeding in the workplace or in public.

Even worse, other women have lost pregnancies because of the strain and stress of commuting.

“Going beyond general discomfort or lack of courtesy, it really becomes a health concern for a lot of women that impacts them socially and economically,” Yearwood said.

That’s why Up-Stand is supporting legislation in the state to make entertainment venues more accommodating for women and families.

“It’s a win-win for everyone if we make these small improvements, a lot of them aren’t hard,” she said. “A lot of accessibility is much cheaper and easier than people think.”

In addition to changing the law, Yearwood is hoping to change the culture by supporting breastfeeding in public. Up-Stand has donated dozens of “Breastfeeding Welcome Here” signs to local businesses.

“Once people see it and it becomes more common, I think that will help change culture, which takes time,” Yearwood said.
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