ICHIRAN Brooklyn is now delivering ramen

Starting this week, ICHIRAN Brooklyn is delivering its well-known tonkotsu ramen through UberEats, GrubHub and Chowbus.

According to the restaurant, it took ICHIRAN’s craftsmen months of research and development to create a noodle that both meets standards for taste and quality and can stay fresh enough to travel.

The restaurant said in a news release that to avoid disappointing ramen fans with anything below the highest quality, ICHIRAN has avoided takeout or delivery.

“After all, ramen tastes its best when eaten right after it is served,” they said.

But at the urging of patrons, ICHIRAN found a way to develop a new noodle specifically for distance.

“The noodles made for the delivery version of the Classic Tonkotsu Ramen can maintain its consistency and flavor for a longer period of time,” they said.

Diners who order takeout or delivery can still customize their ramen with exact preferences, from richness of the broth to level of spice. The broth will be packed separately from the ramen in the takeout version.

The ICHIRAN Brooklyn location is located at 374 Johnson Avenue.

Happy splurping!

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