Williamsburg seeing a “faster increase” of COVID-19 cases

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

According to city health officials, the Williamsburg ZIP codes of 11211 and 11249 are seeing “a faster increase” in COVID-19 cases compared to other parts of the city.

Despite the neighborhood’s test positivity rate is only at 1.89%, below the 3% mark, health officials are still raising concerns.

As of Tuesday, the city’s reported citywide seven-day percent positivity rate is 1.38%, and the daily percent positivity is 3.25%, the highest daily report since early June 2020.

Last week, the health department issued a commissioner’s order to non-public schools in six Brooklyn and two Queens ZIP codes, requiring non-public schools to follow COVID-19 risk reduction measures.

The city is working with community leaders and community-based organizations to distribute face coverings and combat misinformation.

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