Greenpoint YMCA board welcomes newest member

Kendall Charter, executive director of the Greenpoint YMCA, said Radoslaw Suchowolak will be a great new addition to the board of managers.

Radoslaw Suchowolak, a real estate investment manager at Investors Bank, has been elected to the Board of Managers of the Greenpoint YMCA. According to the board’s president, Paul Pullo, Suchowolak joined on May 10.

The Greenpoint Y will introduce Suchowolak to the entire board at their next meeting on Wednesday, May 25.

Suchowolak has worked as a volunteer at soup kitchens, Outreach and walks and brings opportunities for grants and scholarships to YMCA activities.

“Rad will indeed be a fine addition to our board,” said Kendall Charter, executive director of the Greenpoint YMCA. “We are excited to have him on board.”

Suchowolak joins the rest of the board, which now include: Paul Pullo, Gina Argento, Frank Carbone, Roseanne Antonucci, Peter Cruz, La-Asia Hundley, Michael Kawochka, Megan King, Stuart Leffler, Michael McKenna, Rama Mukhopadhyay, Alexander Ore, Dr. Charles Ptak, Christina Pullo, Walter Sanchez, Craig Shillitto, Miriam Sy-Gorski, Heidi Shea Springer and Scott Stedman.

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