Assemblyman calls for more G train service

Flickr/The All-Nite Images
Flickr/The All-Nite Images

As the L train’s shutdown looms closer, one elected official wants a solution to what is soon to be a nightmare of a commute.

Assemblyman Joseph Lentol penned a letter to the MTA requesting increased G train service immediately.

“The impending L line shutdown will certainly cause headaches for many riders, but providing them with increased service on the G line will do wonders to proactively alter their ridership patterns,” Lentol wrote.

A 2013 line review of the train determined that the G functions as a “feeder and distributor line,” which means many riders take it just to transfer to another train. As a result, riders have experienced long wait times.

“If you ride the G during rush hour, I am sure you have thought to yourself, ‘sardines have it better than G line riders,” he said.

Read more about Lentol’s request here.

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