Celebrating 110 years with the Greenpoint Y

Photo Courtesy/Greenpoint YMCA
Photo Courtesy/Greenpoint YMCA

It’s hard to believe that 110 years ago, the Greenpoint YMCA was born.

In 1887, the Y opened a storefront location on Greenpoint Avenue. In 1903, the Greenpoint Y joined up with the Brooklyn YMCA Association because they needed a larger facility to serve the Greenpoint community.

In 1906, the Y broke ground on a 10,000-square-foot lot on Meserole Avenue and Larimer Street. You may recognize the building today because it’s the same facility.

At the time, the building contained a restaurant, four bowling lanes, a swimming pool, a gym and locker room and showers for boys and men.

Fast forward 110 years, and the Greenpoint YMCA is still serving the families of northern Brooklyn, more than 10,000 people each year to be exact.

Please join us in wishing the Greenpoint YMCA a happy 110th birthday!

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