Fundraiser Hosted in Windsor Terrace in support of Congressman Jamaal Bowman

by Stefanie Donayre

On Monday, May 20th, supporters gathered in a private residence in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn, NY to attend a fundraiser to rally behind Democratic representative Jamaal Bowman’s re-election for the Democratic nomination in N.Y.’s 16th Congressional District.

The event featured passionate appeals for unity and support of Bowman’s candidacy from Council Member Shahana Hanif, who represents Brooklyn’s 39th District in the New York City Council, and Rana Abdelhamid, former candidate for Congress and a Muslim human rights activist.

With topics ranging from combating racism, a call for a Gaza ceasefire, and xenophobia to housing and food insecurity, Bowman addressed concerns shared by those dedicated to advancing progressive ideals.

“This is not about an election. This is about our humanity. If we are not governing from the perspective of our humanity, then we should not be in positions of power,” said Representative Bowman. “Humanity comes first, and humanity means every single life is precious and sacred, and we have to stand up and fight for those lives, whoever they are, whether they’re in the Bronx, Mount Vernon, Gaza, Israel, Yemen, Sudan, wherever they are. That is our mission.”

Abdelhamid, Hanif, and Bowman raised questions about the substantial financial resources collected by Bowman’s opponent, George Latamier, particularly focusing on Latamier’s largest donor: AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee). 

“Just like this election isn’t only about me, it’s about everything we all have fought for our entire lives, and everything we represent, this election is also about what he represents,” said Bowman. “To make the conscious decision to do fundraisers with Trump donors, make the conscious decision to be endorsed by AIPAC, be supported by people who are going after our reproductive freedom and voting rights and affirmative action and supporting 200 insurrectionists. This is who this so-called lifelong Democrat is deciding to partner with to take the first black man in U.S. history out of this congressional seat.”

It was openly acknowledged that in addition to more general worries about racial fairness and reproductive justice, AIPAC’s role was strongly connected to issues concerning Israel and Palestine. 

“36 days left and millions have been poured in by AIPAC and they’re not just genocidal. They’re not just inciting violence in our communities. They are also anti-reproductive rights, they are also anti-climate reparations, they are also anti-racial justice, so we cannot have the other guy in that seat, too much is at stake” said Councilmember Hanif.

Councilmember Shahana Hanif praised Bowman’s track record as a leader dedicated to fighting for the well-being of his constituents as she discussed the challenges she faces as a woman in elected office. 

“There’s no, there’s no roadmap, there’s no blueprint on how to show up with dignity with the identities that we hold as a Muslim woman, as an Arab woman, as a Palestinian woman,” said Councilmember Shahana Hanif. “But Jamaal doesn’t need that blueprint because he knows how to show up with dignity. He knows how to show up compassionately and with empathy.”

Bowman expressed gratitude for the outpouring of support from not only his volunteers but the women in leadership working alongside him and pledged to continue fighting for a future where social justice causes and equity are prioritized. 

The fundraiser concluded with calls to action, encouraging attendees to donate throughout the event by scanning QR codes placed around the host’s home, volunteering, and spreading the word about Bowman’s campaign as they emphasized their urgency with just 36 days remaining until the primary election.

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